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I have picked up a gym regime again, yes, its been a while. Time to turn my excuses into actions and get the results I want.
I hurry this morning…the class starts at 8 and I really don’t want to be late.

Its a step class, for those who may not know or have not experienced one before, simply put, it is a number of simple moves that form a sequence done by walking up, down, on or around a step. As the class progresses, more and more moves are added on, giving you a complete step -dance sequence.

I’m in the class now, my step is in place and the instructor walks over to me and welcomes me to
the class. He politely follows with two questions:
1. Is this your first time attending this class….and
2. Have you done a step class before
Both to which I respond “yes”.
He tells me to enjoy the class, giving me not one but two thumbs up, and makes his way back to the front
And so, we get going.
I am loving the beat of the music, the moves and sequences are going well… and I’m following really well…I feel that
10 minutes in and still going strong….
I recall thinking “ this is great”
And carrying on….the instructor, added a few more steps to the sequence…and I could keep up.
At this point, my confidence was in a good place….I could literally give myself some points.
And now I’m thinking…”after this class, I’m going to thank this instructor for such a great class”
15 minutes in….I’m enjoying this….
20 minutes in ….I am rocking this…fitness on fleek.
25 minutes in….I feel like a machine….yesssss…unstoppable
And then….it all starts spiraling down….down….down….
I find myself standing more than following the rhythm….in fact I felt more of a distraction to the rest of the members in the class
I was fumbling around… Unable to keep up…feeling like a complete and utter idiot!

I felt like I lacked any form of co-ordination or ability to follow anything sequentially….In fact, the woman peering into the class through the glass window happened to catch my eye…I am almost 100% sure I provided her with the entertainment that resulted in that hearty laughter…for sure, if I was out there watching this comic show…I would be rolling with laughter #don’tjudgeme
I was frustrated to the point where I wanted to walk out….I was embarrassed and frustrated with myself…and even more frustrated with the instructor….surely he could see this struggle. Why did he just push on…did he not want us to enjoy ourselves or come back to his class. He was really antagonizing me ….At this point I just wanted to go back to the stuff we were doing earlier when I was enjoying myself…it was familiar to me….I felt in control….I felt safe. Well now, I was seriously considering looking for an alternative classes.

So…yes, I stayed to the end. And at the end of the session, the instructor says to us…I am here to challenge not just your body, but to challenge and stretch your mind. Why are you here? You have a choice you know. See you next week.

The nerve….I let out all sorts of curses under my breath in pure annoyance, all the way to the change room.
Later that morning, I sat in reflection on the event and how it had invoked such emotion in me….why?

You see, the problem was not the instructor at all….

How many times in life, work, family, business do we become so use with the rhythms that are the comfortable….safe….familiar that anything disrupting that is not welcome or met with resistance.
Looking back and thinking of all the times I’ve achieved success and overcome in my life and career, it was the times when I experienced the most discomfit and stretching of the mind just before that breakthrough….It is those times in my life that have formed me and that I have the most appreciation for.
Just the thought of those feelings of pride, achievement, success, moments of greatness are the reason I will be facing my demon again next week….the class, that is.… I look forward to the moment when I will stand tall, look back on today and appreciate the struggle and the journey.

In short, what I’d like to share today is: when you take action on your goals, always remember your “why?”, it is the driving force.…stick to the plan…a comfort zone is a wonderful place where nothing grows… the step in any direction is always your choice…not to take a step is your choice too…victor or victim.