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We are on the eve of the weekend! It’s Friday at 9:30am and the morning has seen me busy with so many awesome things. I am in a coffee shop sipping on the most delicious, earthy, heavenly, green tea and some thoughts came to mind.

Just one that I used to be guilt of an did not seem to serve me well in the past, SLEEPING IN. Yip, I usually, ok…almost never…woke up feeling better and it “ruined” the rest of my morning, with lower energy levels and constant feeling tired and groggy.

Sleeping in definitely had very few rewards in store for me, or at least, the rewards were not always consistently forthcoming.

For adults, oversleeping is defined as sleeping for more than 9 hours. By sleeping longer than normal, we unknowingly throw off our circadian rhythm.

There are usually 3 main causes of oversleeping:
– Not getting enough sleep – You feel you need to catch up and repay the sleep-debt.
– Having a poor sleep schedule – No set time for going to bed and waking up; this can also be influenced by life and lifestyle.
– Your mindset – The things and thoughts that makes you want to stay in bed rather than get up. For example, lack of motivation.

Research has shown that just like not getting enough sleep affects one’s health, sleeping too much poses certain health risks as well. These include lower back pain, stroke, mental disorders, diabetes, heart disease, obesity….

Here’s some hacks to try and overcome that temptation to over-sleep:

  1. Change your outlook an approach to sleep – This is the one thing that can help you thrive and show up as the best version of yourself, ready to tackle the day ahead.
  2. Stick to a constant wake up time, irrespective of the day of the week. Our bodies and minds respond well to routine.
  3. Introduce a wake up routine – set your alarm for the 7-8 hours of sleep and not less or more than this. When your alarm goes off wake up! Get out of bed and leave your room.
  4. Wake with a glass of refreshing water and kick start your day! Whichever day of the week it is.

The weekend is here! Have a super one!

Wishing you and your all great things on the path to getting the right amount of amazing sleep and waking feeling refreshed!

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