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Why Sleep Matters for your Organization


Our world has adopted a “always-on, always go” culture, increasing the demands on leadership and employees to stretch working hours and performance. It is becoming more and more evident through research that lack of sleep presents a risk to employees performance, productivity, health, safety and well-being, as well as affects a company’s bottom line and return on investment.

How well, or not so well, an employee sleeps has a direct impact on how they function at work – a sleep deprived employee may exhibit impaired cognitive and logical reasoning skills, apply poor judgement and compromised decision making, and have a diminished ability to absorb and process information or communication.

Wake up to the corporate reality…

Sleep deprivation is linked to lower productivity at work, which results in a significant amount of working days being lost each year.

Multiple factors are associated with shorter sleep. These include obesity, excessive alcohol and sugary drink consumption, smoking, lack of physical activity, mental health problems, stress at work, shift work/irregular working hours, financial concerns, and long commuting.

The line between working time and personal time is often blurred.

Research reveals that sleep deprivation is linked to a higher health risk and mortality risk. An individual that sleeps on average less than six hours per night has a 13% higher mortality risk than someone sleeping between seven and nine hours. An individual sleeping between six to seven hours per day still has a seven per cent higher mortality risk.

Sleep is as essential as food, water and oxygen. There is scientific evidence revealing that the one-third of our lives we spend sleeping, profoundly impacts the two-thirds of our lives we spend awake.

The Wake Up Call…

While management cannot force and mandate an employees sleeping behaviors, they can surely encourage and support employees with information, education and coaching to healthier sleeping habits.

Cost conscious organizations who recognize and realize the costs of insufficient sleep and take urgent steps to mitigate the risk, reap the rewards of present, engaged, productive and performing employees, not to mention an optimized work force and richer bottom-line.

The question is not when you will invest in offering sleep wellness programs and initiatives to employees, but rather, if can you afford not to.


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