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Elyse Bowes

Elyse Bowes is a succesful corporate career woman, business woman, coach, wife and mother, living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Elyse persued a qualification in Somatology with keen interests in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage Therapy, Health and Wellness. She completed her qualification in 2005, however, continued to persue a buinsess career in the corporate world, however, her passion for wellness and healing always always carried through.

She enjoyed a succesful corporate career, however, juggling climbing the corporate ladder, family responsibilities and life in general, brought its own set of personal challenges – namely, stress and anxiety. She battled and overcame depression, however, insomnia still reared its head quite often and remained a real challenge.

Through participating an executive coaching programme, Elyse met Rob Yates, successful business and executive coach. Rob armed her with a number of tools and practices to help her cope on a daily basis in her career and life –  one of the outcomes is her ability to now cope better with stress and sleep well. No sleep medication required!

Elyse is passionate to help other be the best version of themesleves. So, after 17 years in corporate, Elyse can now be found across South Africa, persuing her passion of helping others with tools to sustainably improve their sleeping habits, be the best version of themselves,  and enjoy a better quality of life as a result. 

Rob Yates

Rob Yates is a successful Business Performance Coach, who for the past 10 years has been working with clients enabling them to not suffer from insomnia any long and sleep peacefully.  As the CEO of TetraKey.com, a Master Practioner of NLP, a Hypnotherapist, qualified educator and Social Worker, Rob has dedicated most of his adult life to working out how people can achieve what they set their heart on.  Rob has been amazed about the high percentage of his clients suffer with not getting complete and adequate sleep.

For many years before becoming a Coach Rob had his own sleep demons, the sort where sleep was something which could not happen.  The dreams we’re horrible, mind too busy and life was all over the place – chronic insomnia was his reality, with medication and substances seeming like the only option to sleep.

In 2009, after many years of battling, Rob managed to conquer his insomnia, thanks to a 100% medication and substance free approach.    What intrigued Rob the most is the range of solutions actually available to people, and how he could set about packaging these for the benefit of others, for whom sleep is a real life challenge.

Rob can be found across South Africa, teaching the latest sleep techniques and successfully enabling people to powerfully regain control of full sleep patterns.